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Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases Clinic

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease characterized by hyperglycemia resulting from defects in insulin secretion, insulin action, or both. Long-term complications of diabetes include sleeplessness, retinopathy with a potential loss of vision; nephropathy leading to renal failure; peripheral neuropathy with risk of foot ulcers, amputations, Charcot’s joints; and autonomic neuropathy causing gastrointestinal, genitourinary, heart disease symptoms, irregular weight loss or gain and sexual dysfunction.

Prameha is a term used in Ayurveda to denote a set of illnesses known as "Obstinate Urinary Disease." This category encompasses all urinary system diseases, such as frequent urination, diabetes, and so on.

Diabetes is categorized into 20 types in Ayurveda depending on the prevalent Doshas in the body. There are four Vata-related kinds, six Pitta-related types, and ten Kapha-related types as a result of this. Prameha can turn into "Madhumeha," or Diabetes Mellitus if it isn't managed.

Ayurveda prevents, treats, and manages Diabetes and its complications with Natural herbal medicines and treatment. Noted as a highly sophisticated Ayurveda speciality clinic at Ramanathapuram, our Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases Clinic with its strong traditional background and an expert panel of doctors is a one-stop solution for all diabetes-related problems.

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