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Electronic Medical Records

Random Uninterrupted Documentation for Retrospective Analysis, popular among the Ayurveda doctors, as RUDRA, is the earliest initiative in the field of Ayurveda to digitise the medical records. RUDRA, a systematic attempt to generate clinical efficacy of traditional Ayurveda practise through the on-going clinical practise at the hospitals under the AVP Group. This later became to be known as practise-based evidence research initiative in Ayurveda.

With advances in information technology, electronic medical records, slowly became the norm of the medical industry but RUDRA is not just another application that helps in clinical documentation, it is also an intuitive research tool that helps in generating safety, efficacy and pharmacovigilance data without much additional effort. It can highlight the strengths and limitations of Ayurveda as a preventive and curative modality of healing. RUDRA laid the foundation to promote Ayurveda as a practice-based evidence medicine. The software application is designed to facilitate the complete cycle of a clinical encounter customized for Ayurveda, right from registration through consultation to dispensing of medicines and scheduling of treatments. This includes documentation procedures of both In-Patients and Out-Patients and helps in generating clinical reports at each level.

The RUDRA application available in the windows platform consists mainly of three activities – Clinical Data Capturing, Clinical Data Monitoring, and Clinical Data Mining facilitating clinical report generation. The data capturing component consists of registration, epidemiology, documentation, and consultation. Data monitoring consists of various modules to check the completeness and accuracy of the captured data and evaluate efficacy and safety outcomes. The Data mining component generates both descriptive and analytical reports on epidemiology, safety, and efficacy data on Ayurvedic treatments. The software application facilitates documentation of both Ayurveda and allopathic ICD based diagnosis. Further various internationally accepted assessment forms are also available. This meticulous capture of clinical data and conversation of the same to meaningful reports facilitates parallel research.

RUDRA, currently available as both ‘personal desktop version’ and ‘for institutional version’ works on Windows operating system. AVP Research Foundation is currently optimising it for the cloud which will enable the application to be used across operating systems and mobile devices. The testing of the same is progressing at the AVP and associated hospitals and the wider launch of the same for use by all Ayurveda physicians and institutions, as cloudRUDRA is expected in the early 2022.

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