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Clinical Services

PUTRA – Paediatrics Speciality Clinic

AVP Research Foundation's Ayurvedic paediatric clinic in Coimbatore, India, PUTRA- Pediatric Unit for Training and Research in Ayurveda, is an exquisite clinic specializing in the science of child care and parenting in Ayurveda. Based on the ailment your child is suffering from, medical professionals from various speciality clinics come together to set goals and develop a customized evaluation and treatment plan for your child at PUTRA. The branch of Ayurveda that deals with neonatology and paediatrics is known as Kaumarabhritya. This branch focuses on providing comprehensive child health care to children from birth, primarily concentrating on nutrition, immunity, and overall development. Our PUTRA speciality clinic bases its treatments on the principles of Kaumarabhritya in treating children efficiently. Our ayurvedic approach to infant care includes traditional techniques for nourishing, maintaining, and protecting the baby.

Our highly experienced ayurvedic child specialists provide Panchakarma treatments for children. These treatments have been refined and adapted to make them suitable and comfortable for children. Cerebral palsy, autism, ADHD, epilepsy, mental retardation, behavioural problems, and learning difficulties, as well as disorders of the skin and respiratory system, are efficiently treated with our refined Panchakarma for children. A number of Panchakarma procedures like Udwartana (medicated powder massage), Sarvanga abhyanga (full body massage with medicated oil), Baashpa Sweda & Naadi Sweda (steam bath), and Vasti (oil and decoction enemas) are used in the management of certain disorders in children at our clinic. We also specialize in managing and preventing allergy, infectious, and auto-immune diseases in children.

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